Mrs. Jenny Brown was born in Switzerland in 1926, whose family run cosmetic shops. So she had the opportunity to go into cosmetics industry. Like each woman, her best wish is to pursue beauty

In the mid-1950s, Jenny Brown, who was about to turn 30 years old, found her skin dry, dull and aging day by day. Once appropriate skin care products were no more effective. Depend on her years of understanding and research on skin care products, Jenny Brown tried to concoct essence products by herself to improve skin quality.


In 1960s, with more and more people using her products, Jenny Brown began to sell her self-made essence liquid and cream in her shop and made skin care products based on the user’s skin type. Because of the stunning effects, subscribers streamed to purchaseher products. As a result, Jenny Brown had to remove her products for a time

With unremitting efforts and experiments, she concocted the first essence liquid in 1956, which could moisturize skin, fight against skin aging and improve skin quality quickly. At first, Jenny Brown made it for herself only. But later, surprised by her changes, her friends came to try her product one after another and all praise it much


In 1984, after 20 years’ market precipitation, Jenny Brown created the skin care brand that bore her name-Jenny Brown. With the progress of industry, more and more chemicals were used in skin care products. Jenny Brown put forward the product idea of nature and cleanness first

She extracted precious ingredients from carefully selected top food, which contains amino acid, mineral substance, organic acid, vitamin and other natural ingredients, which are indispensable to healthy skin. The products can nurse the skin ideally without any chemical pollutant left. Even pregnant women, who need tender care, can be at ease with the products


Jenny Brown’s products are purified and made in the natural environment and cannot be artificially synthesized. The preciousness with the hard-earned materials make a luxury product experience. Compared with synthetic products, pure natural products own incomparable efficacy

They can be absorbed directly by skin, moisturize skin effectively, delay skin aging and smooth wrinkles to relax each part of skin, repair each flaw and make your skin has a pure and luxury satisfaction. It feels like the skin takes bath under the sunlight in nature. So to speak, the unremitting pursuit of perfection makes Jenny Brown successful