Italian white truffle, the first of the 10 top ingredients in the world, is native to Italy. Compared to black truffle with an annual production of about 35 tons, Italian white truffles much precious, which has an annual production of only 3 tons. That is why it is called “white diamond”. White truffle is a valuable medicinal and edible fungus, rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of vitamins and over 50 kinds of physiologically active ingredients such as male ketone, sterol, sphingolipid, fatty acid, amino acid and so forth. The nutritional ingredients contained in white truffle can be directly absorbed by skin. It can increase cell viability substantially, promote metabolism and delay senescence, which is the top material for skin care


In the world, only the roe of Beluga, Oscietra and Sevruga can be made into caviar. Beluga, the top one, has an annual production of less 100 and is extremely precious. Caviar is rich in vitamin amino acids, fatty acid, protein and all kinds of microelements that are necessary for skin, which can promote cytothesis, help to moisturizing and delay the aging of skin. It can also remove the redundant keratose to make the skin look smooth and fine


Japanese matsutake, a rare wild fungus, cannot be cultivated and is precious. In Japan, matsutake has been the tribute that plebeians offer to the royal family since the ancient times. Matsutake is rich in protein and contains many rare elements such as18 kinds of amino acids, 14 microelements which are necessary for human body, 49 kinds of active nutrient substances, and 5 kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, nucleus acid derivative, and peptides substances. It also contains 3 kinds of precious active substances which are double-strand matsutake polysaccharide, matsutake polypeptide and matsutake alcohol, the unique anticancer substance in the world. Therefore, It is the most precious medicinal fungus on Earth


It provides the best solution for allergic skin and facial repairing. Natural Dracaena can promote blood flow and disperse swelling and relieve pain. It can soothe allergy, alleviate itching and inflame caused by allergy and help regeneration of skin. It has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the function of antiviral and antioxidant. This can restore the injury caused by beauty surgery, suntanning and chemicals in daily life


Alpine wild rose, the most beautiful flower in Switzerland, grows at altitudes of 2800 meters, which is a pure naturally wild rare plant and cannot be cultivated. It adapts well to severe cold, dry, strong sunlight and the weather with rapid change. Its thick leaf can prevent water loss and its unique protein can protect the tree trunk from freezing. Its high catechinic acid polyphenol content helps neutralize free radicals. Also, it is rich in taxifolin and rhodoxanthin, whose excellent antioxidation and protective protein can effectively reduce water loss and wrinkle