The brand Jenny Brown is created by Mrs. Brown in 1984, who comes from a Swiss skin care family, and famous for its anti-aging and repair essence. Jenny Brown advocates nature, whose products are all made from natural ingredients and able to prevent users from harmful chemicals. The products choose expensive ingredients such as caviar and white truffles as raw materials and always keep the style of elegance, concision and fineness. In West, it is popular among political and business dignitaries for its accurate efficacy



Each woman has a lifelong dream of pursuing perfection. In the 1980s, facing the increasing chemical pollution and the worrying reality of harmful chemical additive in the skin care product market, Mrs. Brown was the first to put forward the product idea of nature and cleanness

She extracted precious ingredients from carefully selected top food, which contains amino acid, mineral substance, organic acid, vitamin and other natural ingredients, which are indispensable to healthy skin. The products can nurse the skin ideally without any chemical pollutant left. Even pregnant women, who need tender care, can be at ease with the products


Jenny Brown has been always famous for its essence products and focused on the research of essence products for over thirty years since Jenny Brown launched the first essence product in 1984

Its products are being upgrading and advancing with the times with innovative technology. Among them, the re-nutritive caviar series, the royal white truffles series and the royal rose series have become classic products with enduring popularity


Constantly striving for excellence, Jenny Brown is favored by

European royalty and Mette-Marit, wife of the Norwegian prince, is a big fan of Jenny Brown